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I'm gonna add to this list...

I want a boy...
  1. That doesn't fall in love easily
  2. That dresses nicely... nvm, I want a boy who wears band t's and hoodies.
  3. That's smarter than me.
  4. That asks odd questions.
  5. That won't buy me flowers, but buys me icecream and rents my favorite movie.
  6. That doesn't like talking on the phone
  7. That has better taste in music than I do.
  8. That would fight for me, even though I wouldn't let him fight.
  9. That would never use me, or hit me.
  10. That's a really good kisser.
  11. That thinks I'm beautiful
  12. That'd walk me home in the rain.
  13. That can quote Fight Club and Good Will Hunting
  14. That has a pretty smile
  15. That would tell me if I looked like shit
  16. That would never cheat on me
  17. That'll tell me when I need to shut the fuck up but will listen to me ramble anyway.
  18. That gives good advice
  19. That thinks he's tough, but really isn't.
  20. That likes good books and movies.
  21. That's a huge flirt.
  22. That'll say, look at that girl over there, she's hot, without worrying that I'll get mad.
  23. That'll tell me he loves me, and mean it.
  24. That likes to play video games.
  25. That would take picture with me :-)
  26. That would go to shows with me, or better yet, give me a good reason not to go.
  27. That can make me feel better when I'm sad.
  28. That'll take me places
  29. That has a girl as his best friend
  30. That would just hold me.
  31. That makes fun of me.
  32. That acts arrogant, and cocky but is really self-coniscious
  33. That looks good in a suit
  34. That'll ask me how I'm feeling, not just what's up.
  35. That won't yell at me when I say I'm ugly or fat but will ignore me.
  36. That can cook, since I suck at it.
  37. That kisses and tells
  38. That's really cute. (Yea, I'm shallow so what?)
  39. That's a good listener.
  40. That offers to buy me things, even though I won't let him.
  41. That isn't perfect.
  42. That likes me as much as I like him, but would never admit to it.
Now really... is that too much to ask for?
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